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Hi my name is Sasha and I live in Idaho. I try to fly fish as much as possible (as much as the wife will let me ). Most of my fishing is done on small creeks for wild trout. I would say that I 95% of my fishing is done on my TXL 000WT and Superfine 1WT rods. I do fish larger waters as well especially during the winter months (and when the general season is closed). I don’t know what else to add so I will just include my last report from 5-16-09. I did not inline the photos as they are 1024x768 (the size that I post on other forums) and I did not feel like resizing them all.

Well today I decided to go and do a little fishing. I got to the river at around 0700 it was nice out and already kind of warm. I waded across the river, got set up and began to fish. On my third cast my with my TXL a fish took my fly, I set the hook and the rod came to life. Until today I had not fished this rod on this river so was not sure what to expect. This fish was fighting hard but was completely manageable on the rod. Little did I know at the time but this fish ended up being the largest of the day. I landed this nice hooked jaw brown and released him back into the river.

A few casts later I ended up hooking into another brown. This one also fought hard and was a pleasure to have on the end of my fly rod. I fished this hole for a while longer I ended up landing five browns from the hole and had several LDRs.
I decided to go check another run that has produced in the past. I was a little concerned though giving up a good spot as it was a busy day on the river. When I arrived at the next spot I was relieved that there were no cars there. I made my way down to the river and began to fish.

On my first cast I hooked into a fish. I fought this brown and I got him in close enough to see. Just when I thought to myself “hell yea” he popped off and swam away. I went back to fishing and was not after I hooked another. I got him in and grabbed my net to scoop him up and he too popped off and swam away.

I thought to myself two in a row this can’t happen again and went back fishing. My next fish was a surprise rainbow; he was not that big but still was fun. After I released him I hooked into another brown, this guy put up a great fight. I fished this run for the rest of the day. It was a productive run for me. I was able to land seven browns and four bows from this section (and had a few more LDRs).

Overall I was very pleased fishing the TXL on this river. Catching these fish on that rod was fun and challenging. It did not take really any more time to land the fish on that rod versus a heavier rod; you just have to play them differently.

Here is a list of the flies that worked for me this day: 1. #18 Red Zebra midge. 2. #18 Green Caddis Pupa. 3. #16 EHC. 4. (Only the bows took this fly) # 18 WD40.

I caught one little brown today.

Here are a couple shots of the average size browns caught today.

One of the bows.

A couple of shots of the biggest brown of the day.
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