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Default Line for TFO BVK 6wt?

I recently purchased a BVK 6wt.

First off, I LOVE this rod so far. It had really helped tighten up my loops and distance.

Here is my question:

What line would you guys recommend for this rod and what wt line?

I will be using it for double nymph rigs w/indicator and streamers on the Lower Sac in California.

I have tried an Allen WFF6 line which was decent but I needed a minimum of 30-35ft out w/ heavy double hauling before I could even start to feel the rod load. With that I could then easily shoot another 30ft of line.

I tried my 5wt GT125 distance line from Barrio but even with 40-50ft + line out it seemed too light.

I did measure the deflection with this rod and came up with a ERN of 6.64 if that even matters.

The lines I have been thinking of are:

SA Mastery Nymph in 7wt

SA Steelhead in 7wt

Rio Indicator in 6wt

Rio Gold in 6wt

I am thinking a 6.5 - 7wt line would be ideal.

This will be fished from both bank and drift mostly, then the occasional bass pond too.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. (I posted this on the rod forum too, probably should have posted it here only)



I purchased the 7wt RIO Atlantic Salmon line. Last night I went out to cast it for the first time on my new rod.

I really like the setup.

Here is a video of the line and BVK rod. Soon I'll post a video for people to critique my casting so I don't form bad habits as I'm still pretty new.

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