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My carp eat clams...they rarely feed off the bottom unless there are berries in the water. The biggest thing is knowing their forage so you can find the right visual trigger and make the fly behave properly. Out here, I barely move the fly...they don't chase clams, so if you move it, you just pull it from the fish. I also trout set exclusively for the same reason. If I don't hook them the instant it is in their mouth, they eject and spook. Totally different other places I have all depends heavily on their main forage.

Other than the forage thing, the most important thing I learned with carp is to realize that you aren't fishing to "fish" but to a single individual fish. Even in a large group I find my success goes way way up when I take the time to identify ONE target, and then make decisions designed to help me catch that one fish. Get closer, change angles, drag and drop, strip or leave fly etc...when I make those calls on an individual fish basis I flat out catch more fish them when I make general decisions and simply fish. It is much more like hunting out here. Carp feed primarily by scent and taste, and since I don't chum nor use scented flies, I have to find actively feeding fish and figure out how to trigger a visual response to a fish that is often "grazing". Really fun and challenging fish! Good luck!
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