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Default Some questions about New York...

Hey everyone, I'm going to be visiting some relatives on Long Island this next week. I don't have any salt water gear or money for a special trip, so I'd like to stick with freshwater if possible. I will be in the Patchogue and Great Neck areas for a few days each and would appreciate some tips on where I should wet my line. From what I've seen there's some places to fish but you have to make a reservation? How does that work exactly?

Also, on a separate trip I will be passing through upstate New York later in July. I'll be driving home from Maine and will probably have to stop for the night somewhere and would like to stop somewhere again with some great fishing. I believe I'm on I-90 all through New York so what area would be the best to stop for the night and fish for the evening?

Thanks for any advice you can give a newbie!! I'm in Maine for a few more weeks and still trying to catch my first fish on a fly!!
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