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Default Inexperienced caster seems troubleshooting

Finally got enough time away from work to hit some nice open water on the Shenandoah this morning. I caught a few fish, mostly by luck and eye balling good spots. I had a few issues with casting I am hoping the wealth of knowledge here can help me on.
1. My loop on both the back cast and forward cast is not super tight but generally not bad, but while casting forward to actually place the fly in the water, I get a wavy line out of the tip of the rod. I have a fairly cheap chain store 5 wt rod/reel combo, and the best way to describe the action on it is soft and loose. I think it comes partly from the rod tip having a fair amount of wiggle when it comes to an abrupt stop. How can I correct this?

2. While false casting, several times I managed to get my slack line (the part I hold in my left hand to shoot forward) wrapped around the bottom of the rod and reel. What did I do to make that happen?

Thanks to anyone whom offers advice, and sorry for the lack of proper terms, I don't know all the lingo quite yet!
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