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Default Re: Another wader and wading boot question

This is just a short update to my situation-- I opted against purchasing the G3's, mainly because I couldn't justify spending close to 400 bucks just on a pair of waders. I also decided not buy thigh-waders since I had no real need for them at the moment and if I wanted to shed that top part, then most chest-highs would permit me to so easy enough.

Instead I concluded that I would be better off spending just a *little* extra on both the waders and boots and thus I bought the Simms' Headwater (Gore-Tex) Stockingfoots and the Simms' Rivershed Vibram Streamtread boot for a total of $450 bucks.

Took them out on the river last Saturday and they were perfect with some Under Armor, thermals and sweatpants; I couldn't be happier with the choice, but I will see how they fair next month when fishing/hiking in the back-country. Until then, they will be getting a lot of use locally.

Thank you to all who responded.
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