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Default Re: Winston has ruined me!!

Haha I wasnt to sure about the 3wt when I first bought it. Now that I have spent some time behind it I love it! Maybe its because its a 3 wt and maybe its because its only only 7'6" but too me and my casting style it just feels so much smoother and it is so easy for me to get my line out and right on target. When the rod loads and unloads its smooth and gentle. My 5 wt now feels like a wet noodle. The loading and unloading is noodley and wiggley and I feel like I have to work so hard to get my line out where the 3wt is effortless. I want to cast a 5wt GVX but not untill I can seriously afford one.

Maybe Ill just get one of them sexy Brodin Ghost Nets and keep fishing the 3wt, even in medium waters I fish. Im just worried about fishing it in bigger waters for fear of getting bigger fish. Ive been putting off getting a landing net but maybe its time.

Only thing that worries me about steel head on the fly is if I will be able to effectively cast. Not sure how much wading I can safely do so maybe it would be better if I just stuck to spinning reel and shore fishing.
"A good cast is like a good whiskey- It's smooth and hits the spot" -Anonymous fly fishing guide
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