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Default Re: Rampage Motor & Anchor Conundrum

After seeing Joni's setup I went and purchased a board and did the same thing with my motor mount. Then 3 weeks ago when I was about to take my boat out with the new motor I discovered the the bolt that the the mounting bracket on the motor itself had broken off.

So I took it to a local marine mechanic who had to torch the broken bolt to get it out and he replaced it with a stainless steel bolt. So today I was very excited to get out on the river and do some striped bass fishing. By the way I went out with a local guide this week and caught my first striped bass on a fly actually half a dozen of them.

So I get down to the river got my motor mount setup on the NFO Rampage. I made sure I'd made the the straps I as tight as I could possibly get them. Got on the boat fired up the out board and instead of moving forward when I put it in gear the motor started to be pulled underwater. The thing is I double and triple checked every strap to make sure they were pulled as tight as I could possibly get them. However, it seemed even though Dave Scadden said the boat could handle a 4 hp outboard that it was too much for the bracket.

Now the only thing I can think to do is sell the motor and purchase a something like a 2 hp. To say the least I'm very disappointed.

I've never brought this up hear as I know that Mojo and Joni know Dave, but this is just one more issue in a series of poor customer service experiences I've had since purchasing this boat.

When I purchased the boat I bought it and several upgrades as a package deal. I was assured everything was in stock, but it turns out several critical components were out of stock and I had to wait several weeks for them. Including the anchor and anchor mount. Finally everything, but the anchor arrived.

Lastly I purchased a set of wheels for the boat from NFO/Dave Scadden and was again assured they are in stock, very quickly a package arrived from NFO and I was excited. However, when I opened it it was another motor mount which I already had and a seat pedestal I cannot even use.

When I called to inform them about the package they sent, I was informed that the wheels I ordered were on back order, even though just as every time previously I was told they were in stock.

If return shipping wouldn't cost me so much at this point I'd call Dave and ask for a refund of everything I've purchased from him. Disappointment and dissatisfaction is an understatement at this point. I'm seriously feeling like I wasted my money at this point.
-Tom Wilson
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