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Default Re: Winston has ruined me!!

[QUOTE=flyfisher117;570523] Haha I wasnt to sure about the 3wt when I first bought it. Now that I have spent some time behind it I love it! Maybe its because its a 3 wt and maybe its because its only only 7'6" but too me and my casting style it just feels so much smoother and it is so easy for me to get my line out and right on target. When the rod loads and unloads its smooth and gentle. My 5 wt now feels like a wet noodle. The loading and unloading is noodley and wiggley and I feel like I have to work so hard to get my line out where the 3wt is effortless. I want to cast a 5wt GVX but not untill I can seriously afford one.

From 1998 through last year I ran my Golden's in the PRTA retriever field trial held on Bill Totten's property about three miles upriver from Twin Bridges. We would haul our trailer down and camp on the Twin Bridges fairgrounds property right on the bank of the Beaverhead River. I was usually able to find a few hour break during the three day trial to head over to the Winston factory and google their wonderful green rods. My first year I was even able to visit with Glenn Bracken in his little shop down the road and around a corner, wonderful bamboo rods. Another time I showed up after hours when David Ondaatje and another guy were out on the casting lawn testing a new rod prototype. David was in a kneeling position to simulate wade fishing, the rod had taped on guides, no reel or reel seat, I can't remember how the handle was attached. It was fun visiting with them and seeing a little part of the process of designing and testing new rod ideas.

A few years ago my wife came with me, that day I wanted to try all of their short 3 weights. Being a medium-slow action guy I gravitated to three rods, the Boron, the new LT and the new WT which had just replaced the venerable IM6. All three were great but that 7'-6" 3 piece 3 wt. WT was just super accurate, I was able to place the little yarn/fly right on a leaf at 30 feet, a little green spot in the grass off to the right at 22', a piece of paper I placed out to the left at 35', I just couldn't miss with this rod. My wife surprised me by ordering one from the factory with my name on it. I love that rod! My wife too.

I use it wade fishing smaller water, a little 9" Brookie feels like a Steelhead on that rod and it is just so easy and fun to cast. I use my similar action Scott G904-4 for most everything else, but really look forward to those times when I get to pull the little Winston out.

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