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Default Re: BIG Bass fly casting help

It depends on how big of a fly you want to cast. I have a Sage LMB rod (which is technically a 9wt) and i like it a lot. Double hauling is very important with that short of a rod, BUT, its so stiff that you dont have to false cast. Thats why i like it. I just pick up the fly and whip it out 30 or so feet. I just recently got a Sage RPLXi 9wt and Ive only used it with my Sage Bass line. It will do the same thing, a longer rod gives you better pick-up, but the Sage LMB loads better with a small amount of line. Im still getting used to the RPLXi, so i cant make a fair judgement on it yet. I LOVE it so far.

As for line, I just bought Freshwater Rio Outbound Short. Ive heard some good things about it and thought i'd give it a try. Tippet/leader doesnt really matter as long as you arent using trout-sized line... I use 10lb fishing line.

I had a 7wt and it could cast the big bugs if you are good enough at casting. Im still not the best, so i went with a 9wt
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