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Default Warmwater Flies

What flies do y'all use? I wanted to put all the "what fly should i use" threads into one. So what flies do you use for bass, bluegill/bream/sunfish, crappie, perch, pike, carp, catfish, etc.?

Deer Hair Diving Frog. Hook size - 6 to 1/0
Clouser Minnow. Red/White, Chartreuse/White, Sunfish. Hook size - 6 to 1/0
Muddler Minnow. Hook - 8 to 4
Gartside Gurgler. Black, White. Hook - 8 or 6
Poppers. Green, black, yellow, anything with color contrast. Hook - 6 to 4

Bream, Bluegill, Sunfish
Small poppers. Any color, bullet head works best for me. Hook - 8 to 6
Wooly Bugger. Black, White, Olive. Hook - 8 or 6
Clouser. Red/white, Sunfish. 8 or 6

Wooly bugger. any color/size.

Feel free to post whatever!
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