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Originally Posted by nick k View Post
I honestly don't think that Muddler Minnows are great bass flies, at least not in the northeast. I think they work, but almost any streamer pattern will WORK.

Over Muddlers, I would prefer any streamer patterns resembling bream, leeches, or general white minnows.

Additionally, I don't think that pencil poppers or similar poppers are great flies for bream. Floating terrestrials have always worked 10 times better for me, and resemble much more closely their natural prey (beetles, hoppers, spiders, ect.)

To bass, I would also add crayfish, mice, and terrestrials like dragonflies and hoppers.

To bream, I would add wet fly spiders, MM minnows, or briminators.

To catfish, I would add San Juan worms or any other worm flies.
My uncle lives in Ohio and swears by Muddlers. Its about the only thing he uses for bass. I just like the fact that its sub surface, but close to the surface. Bass around here go for it on a cool overcast day.

Ive never tried any San Juan worms for cats. Just trout. I may give that a try. Ive NEVER caught a bass with a mouse, but i have caught them with frogs.. almost identical flies. Weird huh?

Originally Posted by mbchilton View Post
I had really good luck with a black nose dace this week for bluegill. Last night they would come sip my popper without taking, so I put a psycho nymph dropper on and starting hammering them.

My go-to's are woolly buggers and clousers.
Awesome! The river near me is packed with sunfish that will attack everything that hits the water. It makes topwater fishing promising and fun.
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