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Originally Posted by nick k View Post
I've actually caught most of my bigger bass on mouse flies. You'd be surprised at how well they work, and they primarily attract the larger bass. Best time to use them is right as the sun starts to go down, around 6-7PM. Throw them into some lily pads or skate them close to the shore.

Here are two of my favorite types. I primarily use the top link. They are very simple to tie. Cut the hair very short on the back end of a rabbit strip and tie it at the hook bend as the tail. Then wrap the full furred part around the shank to make a nice full fluffy body. Tie it off by the hook eye. Then make a foam cutout like the one in the picture. Tie the head in a little bit behind the eye. To secure the rest of the body, I just part the fur, put a thick line of super glue down the foam, then press it down and hold it tight against the fur until it's set. If you are a weed guard guy you can throw one of them on at the beginning.

Bottom fly in this pic

Polks Dirty Rat

Ill give those a try! All i have is a deer hair mouse.

Ive always wondered, does popping a big fly scare other fish from feeding? I tend to save my big divers for last so I dont scare the other fish into swimming away.
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