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Default Re: Fishing micro creeks tactics

Get a basic tan cotton vest, some olive and some brown permanent fabric dye. Wash the vest and lay it out wet and flat. tie it up in sort of like tight sausage links. dye olive. set dye cut and remove the string. Repeat with the brown. You should end up with a mostly tan vest with dome olive and some brown vertical lines whaic help break up your profile.

Stay very low on your approach and step very softly and move very slowly. Vibration into the ground is the enemy.

Check Caswell plating. and electroplate all the shiny metal on the rod, a flat, dull color. With Caswell's kit you don't even have to disassemble the rod.

Tie up your own leaders that cast well by themselves, in the 12"-16" foot range and start with a butt diamater with the same flex as your fly line. (If you fold 3" of leader over 3" of fly line, pinch it there and then push down on the top, the two bows should match up fairly well.) Also do not be afraid to cast over many feet of non-water.
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