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Originally Posted by yonder View Post
I tie up about three dozen black ants and mosquito patterns every spring for my mother...........she enjoys fishing for bluegills on the lakes of the foothills in North Carolina.......and yes........she uses a fly rod, at dang near 70 years old.........she has used an eagle claw fiberglass rod for years......but recently, she has "acquired" a fondness for my TFO finesse 2 weight.......... maybe I should buy her one for her 70th birthday!!!
Wow thats incredible! she must be in awesome shape for her age!

Originally Posted by theboz View Post
Great posts! Just got to read this and the fly choices are really good! But for me Muddler Minnows are deadly on Smallmouths especially in the Delaware River. It's actually one of my go to flys in many situations and it has produced tremendously ! Quite a few Largemouths have fallen to it also especially on hot summer evenings.
Sometimes on the river when swimming the MMs isn't working I fish it dry on a dead drift and the evening Smallies go nuts!

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The only thing is Fallfish like them also!
I love Muddlers. I lost all of mine though.. I havent tried them on a river yet.. Thats a good idea! I suck at stillwater fishing with subsurface flies.. I cant get my strips down..
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