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I use to train govt. folks on bear spray and firearms for protection against wildlife in Alaska. I used all of last year's spray for training purposes and had everyone buy new for the year. I agree with you; it doesn't spray very far, it's easily blown by the wind (especially into your eyes when sprayed upwind) and it only has affects on bears when sprayed directly into their eyes. Spray has more affect on grizzly/brown bears than black bears. I wouldn't expect it to have any affect on enraged bears - grizzly or black. Brown bears have been observed rolling in the stuff that was sprayed on the ground around tents in hopes it would keep bears away - they must like spicy stuff too. Lastly, you are not allowed to fly with spray on either commercial or bush planes. The latter often have containers attached to landing gear to fly with spray outside the cockpit. After using spray, be careful not to touch your eyes or other sensitive tissues - yep it can hurt there too, LOL. In any event, I suggest you purchase bear spray at your destination and leave it with the store when you leave. I knew a couple that were chased out of their house for several hours until firefighters found a leaking canister of bear spray in their basement. As Blackbugger suggests, don't let the stuff cook. It's a good tool under the right circumstances but demands respect.

PS. If you have never used bear spray or haven't done so recently, I'd strongly recommend you buy two canisters and shoot one off in the way of practice. You have to be scary close and looking/aiming at the eyes of the animal. Try it in a crosswind and consider what would happen if you shoot it off upwind.
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