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Default Re: Casting into the wind

I see a lot of great suggestions mentioned. I've used many of these methods in the past. Nowadays, I will usually go with a shorter rod. My current rod of choice is a 3-piece fiberglass Browning Silaflex which had 4 or more inches broken from the tip. I don't know the original length, but now the rod is just about 7 foot and casts 6-7 weight and heavier with power. Even with the shortened length and the rod not having its original tip action, playing fish with it is more pleasureable than most graphite I've owned.

On an associated note: I prefer casting into the wind than having the wind blowing from my right. A few years ago I was fishing a yellow sponge spider for bluegill when a sudden gust of wind blew the fly into the path of my face. Despite my efforts, I had to go to the walk-in clinic to have it removed from my lip. My wife still likes to relate the story of my hooking the "big one".

Therefore, another practice I like to use, especially when there is much wind: pinching the barb of the hook.
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