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Default Re: BIG Bass fly casting help

Originally Posted by nick k View Post
In my opinion the Sage Bass series rods are BLATANT overkill. The largemouth one is what would be a 10wt. To put that in perspective, I use a 9wt for saltwater striped bass and I generally feel its a little heavy for them.

I have no doubt that if Sage listed the species specific rods in standard weight format instead of grain weights (which confuse most fisherman) than they would be far less popular. No one needs to throw a 3/0 deer hair popper 80 feet into high wind and then pull the bass out of a tree stump with 2 other smaller bass on dropper flies.

Don't go higher than an 8wt or I personally think you will be disappointed in your fishing experience. As I've said before on other threads, many people get caught up in what a rod CAN do and not what the angler actually NEEDS to do. The SAGE Bass is a perfect example of telling the angler all the wonderful things they can do and all the huge bugs they can throw, but not actually going them what they need. A stiff broomstick can fight a bass too, but I wouldn't use it.
Actually, the Sage bass line is lighter than a 9wt.. or at least lighter than my 9wt.. I would recommend a longer rod for a beginner, but after you get used to the short rod, it becomes pretty fun. It shoots line like a cannon and it handles delicate flies with ease. I feel like an 8 or 9wt rod is perfect for large flies. I could BARELY cast a deer hair frog with my 7wt.. The 9wt now gives me a longer range for casting. Today i was consistently reaching just under 100' with a big deer hair diver on the end of my line. Not sure what you mean by overkill.. Take the advice from someone with experience with the rod. No, i wouldnt recommend it to a beginner because its not that easy to cast and can give you a lot of bad habits, but it is a good rod. I like how stiff it is so i dont have to false cast. I can leave a few feet of line out and throw it another 40 or so.. Very useful in the good fishing spots that are hard to get to.

I went fishing today and i used a grasshopper fly on a size 8 hook with my 9wt.. I didnt have a problem with it, I prefer when the line does the work for me.

I feel like its easier to go higher in wt to be able to cast a larger array of flies, large and small.

Personally, I would go with an 8 or 9wt. 9' or 9' 6".
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