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Default Re: Newbie Intro: From Florida Panhandle

Originally Posted by jimp View Post
... I've read the fishing is good there in FL, I played golf and rode motorcycles while I lived there.

LOTS & LOTS of info here, lots of knowledge too, people will help.
I've lived here for 10 years, never really got into fishing until a few old injuries flared up. Now I have to take it a lot easier. Each tiem I hit Google SEARCH, this forum popped up, so I figured it was time to join and learn!

Originally Posted by caseywise View Post
welcome to the forum
great group here.
and thank you for your service

Thanks for your support!

Originally Posted by mcnerney View Post
Also take a look at the Orvis Learning Center, lots of stuff there for folks just learning the sport.

Ask About Fly Fishing Internet Radio has some pretty interesting episodes, take some time and listen to the ones of interest. I think you have to sign up to listen to the archives, but it is free for a limited time.
Fly Fishing - Internet Radio

Also take a look at YouTube, there are hundreds if not thousands of fly fishing videos there.

Your kayaking encounters with the gators reminded me of a tubing trip we did over by Tyndall AFB when I was in the Air Force. We had about six folks all in tubes floating this small stream, we stopped for lunch at a wide spot in the stream, while eating lunch someone says, "What is that on that log over there?"..........when it started moving we all knew what it was. Made the last half of the float kind of creepy and it was the one and last tubing trip we made in Florida.
Thanks for the leads! I honestly think if it wasn't for Orvis & LL Beans Intro to Fly Fishing books, and Orvis' incredible website learning center, I definitely would have given up the fly fishing hobby.

I'll look into the podcasts, and regarding YouTube: I feel like I'm long lost friends with Mel Kreiger! Amazing how much I have learned from that man (yet still can't "do")

Agreed on how creeped out a gator can make. 99% of the time they wont mess with you; but with my luck...

Anywho, thanks for the welcome and I'm sure I'll fire off dumb questions as I lie awake in bed, thinking of dumb things to ask!

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Originally Posted by von behr View Post
Welcome to the forum! It looks like you're getting the best of both worlds...some of the best saltwater fishing in the country is right there in Florida, and Montana is one of the premier fly water locales in the world.

Ask away, and you'll get lots of great information on this forum.

I'll say I was very fortunate to grow up where I did; and where I live right now. I'm trying to not take Florida for granted, I'm 400 yards from the beach!
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