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Default Rod for Turks and Caicos

So far all of my fly experience has been with a 6 wt in rivers picking out trout and various pan fish. But I've got a trip to Turks and Caicos coming up and I'm wondering if my gear is up to the task or if I should pick up this:

(I can get it for about 70 dollars from walmart or amazon but this had the best description).

Should I even be worried about my 6 wt not being up to the task?

Is it worth it to just keep my 6 wt out of the salt/sand?

Is there a better rod out there for about the same amount of money, maybe in a 9 wt that you guys have seen? (Keeping costs low on this one since beach vacations and needing something bigger than a 6 wt isn't the norm for this guy)

Just wanted to bounce these ideas off you guys.

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