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Default My Helios broke last week!

The tip (near the end of the rod) broke off last week while I was fishing for 'gills in my fave lake. I'm not sure what happened? I was casting close to shore and maybe it hit a twig during the cast?

Anyway ......... Orvis is the best company for rod repair (asked no questions at all!), they gave me a fix number and I mailed it FedEx.

I've had that rod for three years now. I've caught trout, smallmouth, bluegills, crappie, perch, and even a carp!...... I must have caught 10,000 fish with that rod and never a prob? I fish my Helios about 99% of the time I go fishing! I love that rod!

Well, I could use my Sage 5wt or go with a 3wt Cabelas PT. The PT is a 7' rod, 2 pc, and it seems pretty light. I put my Orvis LA on the rod with the same 3wt line I always use.

Wow!! what a terrible piece of junk! The crappy 7' rod won't cast nearly as far as the 8'4" Helios! The stupid thing feels "reel heavy" won't turn over the line with a tungsten bead head fly?

Next time, I'll try my Sage Fli 9' 5wt? Or, now that the rain stopped, I just might purchase a 7wt Helios 2 and go for the abundant carp in the lower Susquehanna!

Pic of the PT in my float tube:
Click the image to open in full size.
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