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Default Re: Fishing Clearwater area in late August

From my exploits I can remember that my fishing differed each year.
Most likely due to temperature and baitfish migrations.

For instance in one year I noticed lots of mullet schools off the beach.
At an inlet I saw monster size Tarpon harrassing the mullet, the mullet virtually exploded in the air.
A year later I did not see any mullet schools or the Tarpon even though it
was the same time frame.

I figured when the temperatures really drop down north the schools of
Spanish mackerel, blue runners, Pompano's andsoforth arrive in the south.
You can then see a lot of freeding frenzies either way off the beach or if
you are lucky close in when you fish the beach.
If it stays warm the Snook will still be patrolling the beaches.

My first Bluefish came from such a time, I could not understand then how something that fought like a Jack Crevalle would be able to sever my 30 lbs
shock tippet.
Off course when I finally landed the Bluefish and saw what it did to the popper I fished I understood.
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