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Default May 5, 2002; Something I Wrote.

Recently (yesterday July 10 2013) I was in Colorado Springs CO. During my brief stop at my former home I packed up some things to bring back to Alaska with me. While going through photographs, flies, and etc. I ran across this; I'll need to scan a picture of the dog that this was written about but for now I believe you'll get the meaning. The original was printed on a parchment and in a frame that hung in my den back in the old life.

For over 28 years I kept pointing dogs, the last of my pointers was special and when he passed I wasn't quite done talking to him so I finished my thoughts and printed them out so they would endure even beyond my own time. Below is what the wall hanging said.

My Boy My Boy

You were my dog. You were a better dog than I a master but I tried my best.

When you were young I trained you and you made me proud. You were the best I'd ever seen. Even at the field trials any failures were mine rather than yours. You gave it your all.

When your curiosity put you in the path of a Chevy truck on a rural Georgia road, I was more frightened than you. I rushed you to your Vet and nursed you like a child until you recovered.

You trusted me until the very end. Never did you lift your leg beneath anyone's roof. Regardless of your sporting breed you were always the gentleman, excepting those momentary lapses of reason when you chose to roll in something so gross that I could not even identify the stench. I guess we all have our moments of seeming intemperance.

You remained dignified in your old age, always as my loyal and trusting friend until our last day together. I had made you a promise many years before this day; that I would always protect you and insure that you would never suffer. I kept my promise old friend but in your wake my life is less than full.

Heaven for dogs? That was as simple as being allowed to sleep on the sofa after moving inside from the kenel in your later years. Having a full food dish and a bowl of fresh water with the occasional bone to chew on rounded out the experience.

Heaven for me? That was as simple as having you and all your forerunners in my life. I have loved you all but you were my boy, you were special and I'll miss you until my last day.

We will meet again old friend, at the end of the rainbow where bottom land spring creeks are chocked full with large trout. The surrounding plains will be loaded with grouse, and of course something gross to roll in now and then.

I don't know about you but that made tears stream down my cheeks as I read it aloud yesterday for the first time in 11 years. His Field Stud registered name was Rip Rock's Second Try, but he was known to his friends as 'Try' and he was something to marvel at when he was under the gun. For 14 years we were the very best of friends and his passing was a tough one. I had a friend who was also my Veterinarian allowed me to administer the shot that put my boy to sleep. I could not bear having anyone else send him on his way.

Knowing that we have lots of dog lovers here I thought that you would be able to appreciate that tribute to one of my best friends in life.


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