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Default Howdy Rocky Mountain Flyfishers!

Just wanted to post up and say hi. I just joined the forum. I've been out in New Mexico for almost three years now. I really only fish small streams in the Jemez and Sangre de Cristo's. I realized the other day that it's kinda riduculous that I've been here so long and haven't made it to the San Juan yet, maybe this fall. Don't know if there's anyone around from New Mex or Colorado but post up if you're out there. Fishing here is slowing down quickly since there is no water. The Pecos river is the lowest I've ever seen it. Fished the Rio Medio (which I wouldn't expect anyone outside Northern New Mexico to have heard of) last Saturday and did pretty well despite low water conditions and spooky fish. I managed to catch and release three nice browns and a small cutthroat. That cutthroat was a reel treat (pun intended). I can still count the number of Rio Grande cutthroats I've caught on two hands, but hopefully I'll have to start using my toes soon. Enough rambling, just wanted to introduce myself.
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