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Default Re: Lightest 2wt blank

I'm not sure I agree with either notion.

First, two rods with identical mass but different tapers will balance differently. Whether that is noticeable to the user depends on the user. But, as I mentioned, I have a heavier rod with a better taper which allows me to have lighter "swing weight" (moment of inertia) and use a lighter reel to balance. Effectively, the taper made for a lighter setup. It is certainly noticeable to me after three casting strokes let alone a day on the water.

Second, I agree that better casting fixes a lot of problems that are otherwise attempted to be solved by additional rods or equipment. However, the example about heavier flies may be true to an extent, but at some point the physics takes over and you are no longer able to cast the line, rather you are casting the heavier fly. No further casting improvement can change that. If the fly weighs more--or even the same as-- the fly line mass, you simply need a heavier line. For a 2wt example, the largest I seem to be able to consistently throw is a #12 weighted wooly bugger. Bigger than that, and the bug usually pulls the line.
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