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Default First spey rod build

After building my first fly rod a couple weekends ago I felt pretty confident that I knew what I was doing. With this new confidence, I began building my first spey rod, which I just finished.

Like my first rod, I think it came out very nice and am pleased with the result. A few things I learned with this build:

1. Shorten my thread wraps a little - My first build had the wraps extending pretty far past the guide foot. I shortened them up a little this time, although not too much because I still like the long look.

2. Spend a little more time planning - I had to do some scrambling last time to fix last minute complications that kept arising when epoxying the reel seat, grip, and butt. This time, I spent more time ironing out the exact process and steps I would take once the epoxy was on, and everything came together much more fluidly.

3. Focus your thread finish placement - I found out the hard way that some positions on the wraps take more epoxy than others. For example, at the end, the thread at the end of the wraps toward the middle of guide didn't have enough epoxy and the finished was ribbed. The reason for this is that the larger guides this time meant that the thread was much higher towards the center of the guide and this required a heavier coat to ensure enough coverage. All is well in the end, it just took a painstaking extra coat on each.

4. Reaming cork sucks - Wait, never mind, I found this out last time.

I just wanted to share this in case there are any other new rod buildings out there. I'll try to post some pictures of the rod soon.
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