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Default Re: Feed Fed Trout Question

Thank you all for your input. I will most definitely try to tie/glue some pellets on or try some foam look-a-likes. Your responses make me feel a little bit better. I was thinking that I would be wasting my time. I will be going up there in June and I'll let you all know how I do.

@axle27 - You know what else I have been thinking... Since there is one person feeding the fish, that person in essence controls their feeding habits (to an extent). So if that person wants a few good days to fish for himself and others, he will stop feeding them and fish when they are hungry. This makes me angry a little because how do I know he didn't just feed the fish the morning of. And I'm fishing that section of the stream and won't even get a hit all day because they are full on pellets. Have you ever thought that too?
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