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Default Re: I'm falling in love with my spin rod!

Originally Posted by Rip Tide View Post
It gets the job done but it's not nearly as satisfying
So very true! I use a $800 fly rod, and used to use a cheapo spin outfit. Not a fair comparison?

I realized this a while ago ....... so I have been upgrading my spin stuff for a more "satisfying" fishing experience.

A Stradic CI4 ML is so light and made for <5lb superlines. I use NanoFil line. The 2lb test has no memory and a diameter of .002! (that's like a 10X tippet) It's so thin, I can cast a bead head fly further than a fly rod ..... and no backcast!

I'm a fly tyier, so I can make some pretty neat jigs or jig heads for the new soft plastics (Gulp Alive has so many tiny baits now ..... and they are really better than live bait)

I love to catch wild trout on dry flies, but 99% of the time I have to fish public water? A spin rod is so much more effective!

I analyze this all the time! I'm perfecting my spin tackle to give me the same thrill that my fly fishing does!

God help me!! Today with the rain, I didn't even take my fly rod in my float tube!! I caught about 25 big Crappie and 25 White Perch with my UL spin and Gulp Alive!

With bass, I can cast poppers, mice, and buggers until my arm hurts and not catch anything ....... but when I toss a Senko with a spin rod, the bass just won't leave it alone!

I have used my fly skills to become a "fish catchin" machine with a UL spin rod!

Maybe I should go to confession? "Forgive me, for I have sinned"!
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