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Default Re: Rio Gold or Grand for Redington CPX 4wt

Please take the following advice with a grain of salt as I am a self taught duffer that just manages to get a fly in front of hungry trout more often than not.

Not quite apples to apples but I have tried several different lines on a 5 wt. CPX. I would recommend SA Mastery series in regular 5 wt. forward for your 4 wt. rod if you are stream fishing. The WF taper roll casts nicer for me than the 1/2 size up Grand or SA 1/2 size up line. I also find the regular WF taper is less intrusive when hitting the water even in a heavier line.

The 1/2 size up lines do cast nicely however and don't take as much life out of the rod. If you are fishing small lakes or larger rivers it may be the ticket. Once you get some line in the air it loads the rod very nicely.

I haven't got a chance to try the new Rio Gold but it should be a very nice fit as well if it is 1/2 size heavy. I always liked the taper of the Gold but was not impressed with the durability.

I do believe the rod should be overlined regardless of which line you choose.

Great pick up on the CPX BTW. It is an awesome value and I am considering picking up the exact rod on closeout. Mr Anderson did an extreme injustice to this series IMO when it first was introduced by thrashing it in the shootout review. At regular markup it was as good as any in it's price range and better than most. At the closeout pricing it is an absolute steal.
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