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Default Re: Strike Indicators

I usually fish either weighted nymphs (wolleys, etc) or small nymphs (prince, hare's ears, sow bugs, etc..) I do usually just watch the end of my fly line or feel for it through my rod. I like the idea of using a green yarn. I don't have any dry fly treatment since I'm a loser and haven't fished with dry flies yet (although I have 2-3 in my box ) so I guess I'll wait a while or try something else.. I'm re-reading my Fly Fishing text book (Orvis Guide to fly fishing) since that class was over a year ago (got to love the required "PE" class @ college, it's shown me my favorite hobby) and hopefully the book will explain a lot about dry flies that I don't know or remember. I've always just been extremely successful with nymphs. I don't think I've even used a streamer yet.. I need to branch out
thanks for your help
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