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Default Re: Need help with Snook

Originally Posted by grouch View Post
limit myself to just one
I think about casting to snook at least every 30 minutes per day. I have lived in probably the 3rd best fishing estuary in Florida for my whole life. Caught almost every fish you can think of more times than I can remember. I get out a few times a month in my flats skiff, and the only fish I target is the Snook. I pole over 25 red fish and 50 trout on my way to where the snook are, without a cast. Snook are smart, trying, skittish, not the hardest running and not as numerous as most other gamefish in the salt. It is a strange relationship and I explained it the best I could in such a short passage.

I don't however recommend focusing on them for your first experiences, however when you do get your first one you will understand my snook fever.
"Snook are like females, you can throw your lure at them all day and they won't bite!" Graham
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