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Default Re: I'm falling in love with my spin rod!

to each there own i guess. i always wanna catch fish on my fly rod but for mee sometimes its just not practical. this time of year when im fishing a bass pond or a smallie river if the fish arent responding on or near the surface i have no problem grabbing a light or ultra light spinning rod and catching some. to me so much of the fun of flyfishing is casting and slinging an 8 wt with a sinking line or a chunck of lead bears little resemblence to casting a cork popper on a 4 wt. so if im fishing an evening on a pond or river alot of times ill start with a light spinning rod and a senko as rick mentioned or maybe a grub and go deeper and catch some fish. as the sun goes down and the fish get shallower and look more towards the surface ill get the fly rod out and fish a light clouser or a cork popper for the last hour or so. we all fish for whatever gives us pleasure and this is the way ive found i enjoy.
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