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Default Re: I'm falling in love with my spin rod!

No offense Rip but I have been flyfishing a lot longer than I have been spin fishing. It's not a crutch that I fall back on, just a different tool for a different job with the same goal. I use the fly sticks 10/1 over the spin. I love everything about fly casting. However, there are simply things a fly can't do that a spin set up can. Heck, sometimes it's fun to fish with live eels.

As far as the complete flyfisherman thing goes, I fish to have fun and get away. If I am doing that then that's about as complete as I could hope to be. I have gone through periods of my life where I take the things I love way too seriously and pound the very love right smack out of it. Fly fishing took about an eight year break, I thought I'd never come back. But during that absence I found distance. That distance turned out to be a gift. When I picked it back up again, the innocence that was with me when I first started fishing came back. I swear I won't ever let it leave again. I am relearning the simple things again. Could care less about the latin names for bugs and will gladly fish a Pistol Pete through a PMD hatch. I'll gladly tie a streamer with some random feather plucked from a dog toy at the grocery store and if that isn't enough, I'll even pick up a spinning rod from time to time.
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