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Default I am haunted by waters.......

Hello everyone! I'm Roger from Richmond, VA. I'm 35 but have been fly fishing since I was about 13. Started with my grandfathers fiberglass rod chasing smallmouth in the James River during the summer. Would ride my bike to the river and wade fish with buddies around the Huguenot bridge. Those were the days when there were still decent fish around there. Been chasing trout since I first went out west in 2003....Jackson Hole, Yellowstone, etc. Spent 10 days in Montana last summer around Missoula. Tried convincing my wife to move there. She looked at me like I had 3 heads. I didn't, last time I checked, but do have 3 kids, so that limits me to 1-2 trips per year. My son is finally getting old enough to take along, so I'm starting to get him into fishing, though I haven't put a fly rod in his hands yet. Plan to take him up to the SNP for brookies next spring. Might try the South River this year. I have family in Bristol so have fished the Soho every year for the past 8, although I'm thinking about trying to find a new place. That river is just too well known. It was stupid the last time I was there (last Oct). I looked up and down the river at one point (granted, it was a Saturday) and counted 15 other fisherman in the river that I could see. I need to find a river where you need to hike in a couple of miles to get to good water. The access is too easy on the Soho and there is only, what, 7 miles of river? But I digress...........
Fly fishing is my #1 passion (after the Lord and my family) and I dream about it almost every day. I'm excited to be a member of this forum and look forward to hopefully finding out about great places to fish that I wasn't aware of previously. I also hope to get advice on introducing kids to the sport. Like, which company makes the best kid's size waders?
Thanks and wishing you all Tight lines!!
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