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Default Re: South Holston --Mid June '13

Originally Posted by fisher_of_men View Post
So how was the trip? .
We didn't fare so well on the trip.... ended up getting in late on Monday just in time to get highwater but we did fish in the evening by the weir... You're right.. a lot fishers on the river? Tuesday was to be a float trip. We woke up -- we stayed at Holston Lodge -- to a steady rain. Met our guide at SOHO Fly shop and we mutually agreed to postpone until Wednesday because the weather looked ominous. Sure enough about 11:00 am all hell broke loose. Reports said up to 3 inches of rain got dumped in the watershed. So instead of fishing we found a great barbecue place and enjoyed lunch. We did get some time on the water late evening. We did encounter an incredibly thoughtless spin fisher. He waded in behind us and stood in my wife's casting lane while he threw a big green worm with a bobber right beside her. He returned later and waded in only about 15 feet from me and did the same. If looks could kill, my wife's eyeballing him would have caused an immediate coronary...

On Wednesday the TVA moved water all day. We did float but the fishing was not good. Lots of boats and no one reporting catching many fish. We did land a number of fish including some beautifully colored and fat rainbows but we called in a day in early afternoon. We had drifted so fast that we hit the takeout point way early. Our guide said he would charge for half day rather than whole day and he refused our offer of a tip claiming the fishing sucked and he felt bad taking it! The water stayed unwadeable the rest of the day so we bought some nice steaks for the grill and enjoyed a nice dinner...

So while the fishing wasn't great, the rest of the trip was pretty good if you
discount the long drive. Can't say enough good things about the Lodge or the guys at SOHO fly shop and our guide was great. Not sure we would plan a trip back any time soon. It is a long drive for us and we have great, and as as yet unfished by us streams in PA and they are a lot closer!
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