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Default Bass Fly Gear

I'd like to know what everyone carries for fly fishing gear. My pack goes a little something like this.
9 ft 8wt Rod, or my 8ft 6wt Rod
single strap backpack
3 fly boxes, one just bass flies, one trout dry, one trout nymph
1 small spool of 20lb mono, 1 spool 15lb mono, 1 spool 12lb mono, 1 spool 4x tippet. for building leaders. The 20 and 12 are for building bass leaders, the 15, 12, and 4x are for trout leaders.
3 in Outdoor Edge folding knife
8 in S.O.G Seal pup knife (for fighting off tweekers)
Small head lamp
Small LED flashlight
emergency pack with extra batteries, matches, bandaids, bandage, asprin, mirror, water filter.
waterproof bag with licence and phone.
1 Cliff bar just in case.
Thats pretty much it. I do most of my bass and trout fishing by walking in and wading. And I can cover some miles pretty fast. Thats why I carry so much emergency stuff. You never know when you could trip and break an ankle and not be able to walk back out. As far as cloths I try and wear fast drying wading pants and have a long sleeve pull over rolled up when I know I am going to walk in deep. It seems like a lot but its really not bad. Plus I think those years in the service made me just used to being over prepared.

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