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Default Re: New Fly Reel Company

Originally Posted by pete a View Post
I agree with the post about label design, focus on one that is instantly recognizable.

There's also lots of us spending lots of time & money to go fly fishing all the time that almost never fish in the western mountains. In fact it kind of becomes a point of abrasion that somehow manufacturers use this backdrop as the utopian life of fly fishing.

So you my might want to diversify that portion of your pictures (southern venues, eastern, etc.). At minimum is just tells a guy like me from Texas that this product isn't for me and thus spend less time considering it.

Are your reels "sealed" meaning only your shop can service? We fish in the hyper saline bay systems of the lower Texas coast and a great return/warranty policy doesn't hold much water on day 1.5 into a 4 day trip. The ability to service on the house boat is invaluable. Some of you competition is catching on to this.

Pete A.
Photos of various fishing in places across the country will be posted once buyers catch fish with the reels. Barely, if anyone, has them yet. Beside that's most of company's product feedback and marketing these days. There's no risk since he's offering a 30 return offer. Sounds like you should either wait this out and get feedback from buyers treating it on boats, dunking it in salt water and other scenarios that won't post justifiable feedback for months or you should get one and find out.
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