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For bass fishing, I will usually take with me a couple rods: currently a 6 wgt for streamers, and an 8 wgt for bass bugs. I'll use either a vest or sling pack, which I'll pack with a couple fly boxes containing an assortment of streamers (particularly buggers and cats whiskers) and bass bugs. In addition, this will carry the bug repellant, forceps, spare leader, tippet material, 1.5 magnifying glasses, a small flashlight, and a couple reels to pair with the rods. I carry a jacknife in my pocket.

If I anticipate trout or panfish, I would likely substitute the 6 wgt and 8 wgt rod/reel combos for a shorter 3-4 weight along with a 7 weight. I'll also plan my flies accordingly.

Either way, I don't take much. Of course, here in MA we don't have the same circumstances as you do in CO.
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