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I usually only go out in my canoe since most of the ponds and lakes around here have very limited back cast room and the ones that do usually have people spin fishing in them.

I take an 8'6" 5wt and a 9' 8wt
4 small spools of leader material, 15, 20, 25, and 40. I like using the heavier stuff for larger flies and peace of mind when it comes to snags.
a lot of lighter premade leaders
1 box of floating bass bugs and poppers
1 box of streamers and clousers
1 smaller box of just buggers
1 small box of trout dry flies
forceps and clippers
Leatherman Wave
a watch
polarized sunglasses
small speakers for breaks
the correct license for where I am
My "safety" supplies consist of: electrical tape, parachute chord, a lighter, dykes and needle nose pliers, and extra batteries

Some regular boat supplies: anchor, paddle, battery and trolling motor
my spinning rod and tackle box
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