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Default Re: Anyone ever deal with newtyer1

I don't know about you guys, but I've been too busy using my gear/trying to figure out what I can let to of now that summer is here. I'll post for sales when the season is over

To another point, I have had this handle for several things (YouTube, etc.) and it identifies me to others who get it. Personally, I find that for someone with young friends, etc. who are very Internet-savvy, it's unwise to use your real name in places online, even like this. Fortunately, I'm not in a business where I'm not allowed to use social media, but many of my friends are and for good reason.

If someone wants to know my name on here, they can search my posts... It's out there, but they'd really have to look (ie. be an active participant). But my name in here will never come up if a client searches for me online, and that's good because its really none of their business as long as I'm not doing anything wrong. Some of us live in the public eye enough as it is, and like the pseudo-anonymity afforded by handles (plus, I think they're fun, so there).
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