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Default Re: Who's caught...?

Originally Posted by BigCliff View Post
I also haven't heard much about lakers being caught on a fly. From what I hear they're generally caught while trolling deep in fairly large lakes. I also seem to recall that they are in fact not a trout, but a Char.

Come to think of it, I have heard mixed views on whether Arctic Char and Dolly Varden are in fact the same thing or if Dollies are a form of Char or what. Does anybody know the whole truth about this classification relationship?

For that matter, how is it that Browns, Rainbows, Cutthtroats, and Goldens are viewed as true trout when the Browns originated over 4000 miles from the nearest native waters of the Western North American Trout species? (Rainbows, Cutthtroats, and Goldens) Add to that the fact that Brook Trout, which are in fact a Char originated right in the middle of those two areas. Any body know the deal here?
Arctic Char and Dolly's...are NOT the same thing. Char family, yes but different species in the same family. Also in that family....brook, bull, brown, lakers.

For that matter, only relatively recently (1978) were bull trout distinguished as being a distinct species from Dolly Varden.

Actually, 'true trout' are the char species. Rainbows...are genetically linked to pacific salmon and are closer to being 'true salmon' than they are trout.

As for the who's caught (on a fly)?

Steelhead? Yes

Bull Trout? Yes

Wild Golden Trout? No

Grayling? Yes

Dolly Varden? Yes

Taimen? Wha?

Marble Trout? (SE European) No

Lake Trout? Yes

Arctic Char? Yes

Inconnu (she-fish): Yes

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