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Default Re: fishing on the rogue river

Went out again last night to fish the Rogue about 1/2 mile below the dam. Turn off Hwy 62 and head toward the dam. I parked at the McGragor Park and walked up river to the first bend. the park has very good trails to walk. You can fish both sides of the river, the state has set up a good way to get to the river to fish.

There is usually a lot of fishermen looking for salmon or steelhead in this area. last night ai had it to myself.

I hit payload, a fly-fisherman's dream, right at the tall water of a good size riffles, the trout were hitting a cream color flies that was landing on the water. Don't know what kind of fly it was but but I had one like it or close enough. And I started catching trout. 6" to 11"s. had a hit about every 4 cast.

In about 2 hours of just plain down right fun, I probable landed 30 fish. Some were rainbows, some were brooks, and some were steelhead. All about the same size. I fished until my feet were numb because i was standing knee deep in water. The sun was getting low on the horizon and I was needing a drink and some supper so I called it quits.

It was a real good time, to bad the fish were not a litttle bigger but was still a hoot.
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