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Default Re: info on vintage rod

Originally Posted by williamhj View Post
I wonder if 'Coast to Coast' and 'Total Hardware' are a store that had its own name on a line of fly rods made by a major manufacturer? I googled Coast to Coast Total Hardware History and came up with links to Tru Value Hardware, looks like Coast to Coast is part of the companies history?

Does the text under the numbers say 'Brown Star'?

Hopefully someone with particular knowledge about this rod or line of rods will chime in with more info. Perhaps the numbers will yield info on line weight but I'm not sure how to interpret it. If you have fly reels around (or know someone who does) line it up and see what casts well.
Thanks for the info williamhj.

Yes, directly below the numbers in parentheses is says "Brown Star"

The only line that I have available to me at this time is a SA WF5 labeled as Air Cell I believe. This line doesn't seem real compatible with the rod. Just seems to require too much work to get good casts.
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