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Default Re: info on vintage rod

I want to thank everyone for the info. Especially Innes for making my pics viewable to everyone.

I'll post section lengths and eye count in a little bit when I get back home.

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Originally Posted by Rip Tide View Post
I have 2 of the brown Garcia rods that I suspect that yours actually is.
My 6 1/2 foot rod is a 6wt and the 8 1/2 foot is a 9/10
Vintage fiberglass rods that cast line lighter than 6wts are rare
Ty riptide! Do you have any idea when a rod like this would have been produced? In the 60's or 70's?

I really like how the rod feels. It seems to just want to "cast" for a lack of better words. Would really like it to shine with a good 7 wt line. I'm wanting to target some local smallmouths.
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