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Default Re: Pat's Rubberlegs

I just got back from CO and had some great success dredging with PRLs. In fact, I went fishing with three buddies, none of whom had heard of the fly before, and I kept one PRL all day, but they collectively went through seven of mine and I finally starting throwing 20 Inchers at em to mix it up. It was all that was working that morning, and i had two other "go-to" flies trailing.

I went to re-stock on brown ones at the local shops, and one was sold out (to my "buddies" ) and the other didn't carry PRLs (?!?!). One buddy even told his brother (just starting out fly fishing) to get some (saw them when I as spooling his backing/line onto his reel).

I think it's the legs, I've never seen so many people so taken, so fascinated with a single fly so quickly... Looking at it, it IS pretty sexy

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And yeah, I've fished it year-round... Sorry, had to tell that story, it was funny how much everyone liked it
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