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Default Re: Click reel - Battenkill or Drift?

I like a reel that is light enough so it doesn't feel like a counterweight behind my hand.

I use Redington Drift's, because I got great deals on them. A bit less than the listed 100.00 store tag.

I use a 2/3 on my 7'9" Sage LL 3wt, a 3/4 on my Scott G 8' 4wt, and use the same 3/4 on my Sage RPL 8'6"5wt, as well as the 5/6 model.

I have looked over the closed out Orvis BBS as well as the new Battenkill reels. I would feel okay using either the Orvis or the Redington. I would look for the best price, and go from there.
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