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Default Re: Crappie with a Fly Rod?

Funny all this crappie-talk. I just returned from a trip to visit family in Missouri and their farm pond, which was previously home to hybrid sunfish, bass and a few channel cats, is now overrun with crappie! They said they "knew better" than to add crappie, but wanted to try it anyway. So the whole trip there I literally ONLY caught crappie---but some were large and we ended up getting enough to fry up after 3 days of fishing. I wasn't at all disappointed about this.

I caught most on woolly buggers (tied with longer marabou tails like I prefer -- about 1.5X hook shank length) and little marabou minnows. I've caught them here in VA on mickey finns like crazy, so basically any smallish minnow pattern seems to work fine.
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