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Default Re: Boulder River on Sat, Yellowstone River Sunday

Originally Posted by al_a View Post
I took a break from the Yellowstone the last couple of days and went high on one of the Paradise Valley tributaries, catching 6-15 inch cutthroats by the dozens on big fluffy dry flies. (Way more of them were closer to 6 inches than were close to 15, but I did catch one 15 incher and enough over 12 inches to keep things interesting.) Had a friend with me today up there, and he said, "Well, I don't think anybody would make a trip to Montana just to do this kind of fishing, but it sure is fun once in a while." Had to try out my new Sage 3 least that's my excuse.

Had a funny thing happen right next to the house the other day. There's a gradually widening side channel next to the house, and for a while it had enough water to attract a few of the guides to go down it instead of the main channel. It's now getting a little too low to do so (and I can finally wade across it easily). But there were two guys in a small raft that came down it late in the morning, and the angler hooked a very nice brown in a little eddy. I watched him play it to the net, and it looked to be 18-20 inches. Late that afternoon I decided to do a little fishing, and drifted a nymph through that eddy, and caught a 19 inch brown. Now it's a tiny little eddy, and I wouldn't think there would be two browns that size in it. Think that fish was caught twice in the same day?
Very well could have been. A couple years ago I was fishing hoppers on the Yellowstone. I caught a nice brown on a foam pattern and the fish had the exact same pattern stuck in his mouth. The other fly looked brand new. It seems I read that fish have a memory of 10-30 minutes but I could be mistaken. Maybe someone else can chime in??

Oh and I love creek fishing. I do fish the big rivers more than anything else but especially mid to late summer I start moving up into the tribs. You are right, not many people come to Montana to fish creeks but we have some fantastic creek fishing. Fun to have those 50 fish days and not see another soul.
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