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Default Re: Redington Link?

Rather than leave you hanging here I will give you my take on the Link. Please try the rod if you can before taking outside advise because it really is a feel thing.

My son fishes the Link in 9'6" 5wt. As much as I hate the expression "It is what it is" it really does apply here.

We also had a 9'6" CPX and this was the upgrade. The Link in my son's mind is an upgrade as it has a little more feel for dry fly fishing than the CPX. I actually really liked the CPX and going back to the RS4 I think Redington is going in the wrong direction in trying to define itself as a "top end" fast action rod producer.

Anyhow, what it is; A fast action rod that excells in windy conditions and where distance is a factor. It has lots of backbone and is ideal for larger offerings to larger fish. It would also be great for tying a bunch of stuff to one of those bobber thingies that my son likes to use. For pontoon boat fishing on lakes it also shines.

This is what we had in mind for this rod and are happy with it. My son uses his RS4 for small dries etc.

What it isn't, is a "jack of all trades" that most would expect in a 5 wt. rod. It is almost clumsy at shorter distances and it demands "Grand" type taper which IMO is not ideal for presenting dries. Although it feels light in hand, the swing wieght and stiffness does not allow much or any feel until you get some line in the air.

Again, this is my 2 cents but I really think Redington is stepping out into no man's land. At $350-375 they are getting dangerously close to some pretty special rods with some major "brand name" market value. And is the Link really $150-$200 better than it's "value priced" competitors at the $150-$250 price point? I really don't think so but that is for you to decide.

I can still pick up a CT, CPS or CT RS4 and see a great value for the money spent. I'm just not feeling this with the Link and if I was paying retail I would probably step up to a VXP for the $150 or so more.

I would think that if you are after a larger wieght rod for streamers and alike it would be a very good choice in the 7-8wt. range.

I would also like to mention that this rod was sent to me at no charge as a replacement for a broken lower priced rod. It doesn't feel right giving a less than perfect review as the customer service at Sage/Redington is outstanding and we only fish Sage and Redington rods at this time.
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