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Re: Big Hunting Creek, MD?

Originally Posted by jkratty View Post
Planning a trip this weekend with some work colleagues. We're considering Big Hunting and/or Owens.

Anyone been to either of those recently? How are the creeks fishing?


I fished Big Hunting Creek last Friday (May 16) and today (May 23). The water level is great, high enough so that the fish are not too spooky, but low enough to do a bit of sight fishing. I did not see any rising fish. Last week I took two rainbows in about the 8" range on a dead drifted soft hackle with a pheasant tail tied to the hook bend, one split shot above the soft hackle-- I fished deeper runs at the heads of pools. I also took a 9" brown out of a riffle on a #14 elk hair caddis. Today I hooked two fish but did not actually land any fish. To be honest, I am not a great hatch matcher, so I rely on attractor patterns. I would definitely recommend going to Big Hunting. I also took a ride along Owens. The water looked beautiful, but I have never fished there, so I cannot give you any advice. Enjoy your trip.

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